Creative Direction
Recife, Pe, Brazil
Brand Design

— Pavimento 


In periods of social isolation, we look for new ways to get close to people. The elã coffee shop found a striking way and invited me to develop the logo and visual identity of its gastronomic nostalgia project called pavimento. The concept addresses affective memory through a traditionally familiar sweet recipe, the pave.

Proposing a cozy approach, the identity was developed in an intimate language with illustrations based on the concept of naïve art where the forms are loose and almost abstract. The logo composes a calm and serene tone of voice, like someone who speaks with affection. The shape of the pave was incorporated by the letter "e" which serves as a graphic hook for the brand.


In traditional Brazilian gastronomy, there is a particular desert that has a powerful connection with emotional memory, it's called pavê. This special dessert is made with layers of biscuit and cream.

Inspired by the visual aspects of the pavê, the logotype was build to translate the feeling of personal connection and informal talking. The letter "e" is the connection with the food by showing the layers of this singular dessert.

Inspired by cubism and naïve art, the illustrations were made with organic lines to create a closer feeling with the consumer. As kids illustrations, they have a sensitive approach to increase the contact with the memories.

The packing was constructed based on the dessert shape, this triangle shape makes the connection of the consumer with the food at the first eye contact.

PE / SP 🇧🇷