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Creative Direction
Lisbon, Portugal
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Brand Design
IRA Drink


This project was born to recreate the perception of the mead's formula. Fruits, honey, and Brazilian waddle, all together in their innovative recipes making the union between the tropical flavor and the Nordic traditions. Inspired by some iconics aesthetic, the visual was constructed to give the right approach to the public, trying new colors and shapes for the drink market.

IRA means honey in Tupi, which is a native language from the Brazilian tribes.


The logotype was constructed from traditional elements of the Brazilian culture. I started with many studies about the history and which period, from colonialism to modernism, creating a storytelling in the typography.  

Natural elements from Brazil's fauna and flora were added to the illustrations. The organic lines and the vibrant colors are a link with the modernist movement (1920 - 1960).

The high contrast helps to create this sensation of tropic vibe, making the right approach to take the consumer to have the best experience.



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