Visual Designer/Co-worker: Hadria Sánchez Type foundry: Pangram Pangram
Berlin, DE
Brand design

— Friday Finance


Previously known as Airbank, this fintech saw the need to change its name, constructing a new connection with the consumers, and lead a new way of making financial management.

Now known as Friday Finance, I drove the new brand identity into a totally different approach, bringing technical elements to dialog with humanization, creating the balance between acknowledgment and friendship.

For this project, I worked together with a brand designer, leading the process through a multi-team and dialoguing directly with the CEOs and product designers.

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Mixing iconic elements with typography, we created a unique visual system that provides an easy way of explaining our feeling and products.

Rounded forms help to translate one of our main beliefs because Friday is a B2B company inspired by people who drive the fintech market.

Also, being a disruptive element of the brand, driving the whole identity.

The icon family was created to connect the logo's roundness with the identity's multi-personification, using different colors, strokes, and shapes.

PE / SP (BR)