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Creative Direction
João Pessoa, PB, BR
Brand design
Fernanda Braz Architecture


Inspired by today, Fernanda proposes a new way of thinking in architecture. Mixing passion and boldness, she creates tropical minimalism with sensorial colors.

Brazil has a huge diversity of materials, shapes, patterns; Fernanda puts this Brazilian flavor on her projects which is full of happiness.


I took a look at the shapes of each detail from Brazilian traditional architecture. Organic formats are the signature of the designs from every city of Brazil but with a solid and strong structure.

And what about diversity? To minimize the deep visual universe from Brazil, I cut the typography into small pieces to create this concept of a multicultural environment.

The natural elements are the main foundation of handcrafting. Wood, clay, sand, and many other raw materials came together on this brown tone.

Home shape to home hearts.



PE ︎︎︎ SP (BR)